Our Story

How it started

On August 5th 2020, the morning after the blast that took over 200 lives, injured thousands and displaced over 300,000, a group of local neighbors met at an abandoned gas station near Al Roum hospital to take stock of their shattered surroundings. Amid the confusion and chaos, the young group decided to hand out food to the distressed and traumatized neighborhood. This small gesture of solidarity would soon evolve into a fully operational relief center, providing food and medication, in addition to sealing homes. After the initial relief phase, Nation Station is now making the transition into a self-sustainable community hub.

Empowerment over Charity

Nation Station chooses empowerment over charity. Rather than to provide the affected community with temporary aid or momentary relief, Nation Station provides the means and resources for long-term, self-sustaining solutions. This philosophy of community involvement is reflected throughout Nation Station’s projects. Amidst the chaos of the explosion’s aftermath and in absence of competent governmental intervention, Nation Station chose a systematic approach to relief. Households are assessed by trained members of the community, street by street, building by building, case by case. The collected data is maintained and analyzed in a CRM to allow for reliable help, directly or through referrals to specialized NGOs.


Community Kitchen

A soup kitchen operated by people of the neighborhood that provides healthy meals to the community in the framework of humanitarian relief and for the purpose of food security.


Our focus is to help the people of the neighborhood feel at home again. To reconstruct, rebuild, and replenish the livelihood of the neighborhood by preserving it's architectural identity

Community Building

Nation Station provides the means and resources for long-term, self-sustaining solutions. With building a human-centered network of skills and relationships we hope to empower the community, and involving the neighborhood in its own reconstruction.

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The Team


Hussein Kazoun

Warehouse & Logistics


Aya Kazoun

Data Analysis


Josephine Abou Abdo

Community Kitchen


Mazen El Murr



Irene Vlad

Health & Medicine


Jan Pirner

Data Management

Nour Azzi

Nour Azzi

Data Analysis


Gérard El Bitar

Logistics & Deliveries



Contact Person

Hussein Kazoun +961 76 041 980
Jan Pirner +49 1629167923
Josephine Abou Abdo +961 71 930 274
Mazen El Murr +39 380 346 5926